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Be it squatting, preparing for strength sports or tackling tough leg days, knee sleeves are an excellent tool kit for athletes. The knee sleeves offer warmth and compression around the knees, which helps in elevating your strength training. The compression offered by the knee sleeves results in several benefits, such as stabilising the knee joint, improving blood flow and increasing proprioceptive input. Moreover, it helps you lift heavy weights without putting much pressure on the knees. has several bestselling knee sleeves that guarantee superior quality at a budget-friendly price. It is crucial to own the right type of knee sleeve that provides ample support without cutting down blood circulation or straining the knee. To realise the actual benefit of knee sleeves, getting the right size that will fit you perfectly is essential. However, there is no standardized knee sleeve sizing, which makes the task of choosing the perfect one a difficult affair. Therefore to ease your task, this article tells you everything you need to know about measuring knee sleeves. 

Simple, Easy Steps to Measure for knee sleeves

Step One- Grab a flexible measuring tape

The first step to correctly measure knee sleeves is to grab a measuring tape. You must ensure that the measuring tape is flexible and measures in cm or inches, and can easily wrap around your knees. 

Step Two- Find out the place where you need to measure 

The sizing of almost all the knee sleeves is based on the leg circumference, which varies from person to person. There are three main places to measure for knee sleeves: below the knee, above the knee and on the knee. Most general-purpose knee sleeves are measured above the knee while lifting knee sleeves are measured either on the kneecap or below it. 

Step Three: Position your leg properly

The knee sleeves are designed specifically to fit the leg securely at the bottom of the squat and while standing straight. Depending upon the type of knee sleeve, you need to position your leg properly before measuring the size. Although you can measure the knee sleeve with a straight and relaxed leg, it is best to bend your knee at a 30-degree angle and then measure the knee sleeve to get the appropriate measurement. 

Step Four- Taking the measurement 

After you have successfully sought out where exactly to measure, now grab a flexible measuring tape and take the measurement by wrapping it around that area. You must keep in mind that you must not pull the measuring tape too tight; rather, aim for a snug fit. You can take the measurement more than two times to average out any variances that might occur in the measurement. Moreover, to get the correct-sized knee sleeve, you must make it a point to measure both legs. 

Step Five- Referring to the size charts 

The final step in measuring knee sleeves is to refer to the size chart offered in the manufacturer size guide. This will help you to get perfectly sized knee sleeves. 

Knee sleeves are one of the essential athlete’s accessories that offers support to the leg while exercising or lifting heavy weights. It is, therefore, crucial to get the right size of knee sleeves, which you will easily get at While buying a knee sleeve, you must ensure it does not fit you tightly or is too loose. The steps mentioned above will help you get the right-sized knee sleeves without any further confusion. However, if you are between sizes, it is best to grab one size down since knee sleeves start out in a tighter form but loosen up with regular use. 

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